Built for Mobile Game Developers

A revolutionary, data-driven audience platform to reveal a new understanding of true user intent, behavior and attributes.

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Let us Grow your App Users so you can focused in your Product.


Keep users continously engaged with personalized, relevant, and shareable mobile experiences.


As a Data-Driven company we make a huge difference from all other competitors as we are Leaders in Audience Segments and look a like Models.


The sad truth is, most Apps Fail. Almost 70% of apps will generate less than 5.000 downloads and 60% will never be updated after release. That's why Globad Booster help App Developers. And here is how we do it:

  • Lookalikes Modeling

    Reach and convert people who are similar to your most valuable customers.

  • Audience Data Management

    Unify data from multiple sources for a holistic view of your people data.

  • Granular

    Globad Booster delivers highly granular and unlimited customer segments, so you're always encountering new customers and revenue opportunities.

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We work with more than 50 quality traffic sources. Here’s a snapshot:


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